Pet X-Rays in Sunnyvale

Digital Radiology for Pets in Sunnyvale / San Jose Area

Since 1988, Arroyo Animal Clinic has provided Santa Clara pets unparalleled veterinary services. Whether you have a cat, dog, or pocket pet, our veterinarians can ensure that your pet is living a happy and healthy life. Our Sunnyvale veterinary clinic strives to stay abreast of new veterinary technology, which is why we now offer digital radiology.Our x-rays are reviewed every two weeks by a board-certified radiologist, who also does our ultrasound exams. This ensures the best accuracy and interpretation using top of the line equipment, so we can provide you with accurate information about your pet.

Instead of utilizing older x-ray machines, digital radiology allows us to manipulate x-rays by:

  • Brightening Images
  • Contrasting Images
  • Reversing Phase Images
  • Zooming In/Out On Images

By manipulating digital radiology x-rays, our staff can diagnose your pet’s problems much easier. Digital radiology also allows us to prevent repeat exposures due to incorrect x-ray machine settings or film processor issues. Board-certified radiologists can review pet x-rays much easier in a digital format than on x-ray films, and we offer a copy of your pet’s x-ray on a CD so you may look at it at home or bring it to a specialist, if necessary.

To learn more about our veterinary services , please contact our office at (408) 241-4450.


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