Comprehensive Puppy Exams in Sunnyvale, CA

Getting your puppy examined early on in his or her life is vital in ensuring that he or she grows up to live a long and healthy adulthood. When examined by a professional veterinary team like ours here at Arroyo Animal Clinic, your puppy will receive comprehensive diagnoses for any existing infections or illnesses (such as canine parvovirus) and will receive detailed treatments as well as general lifestyle planning. Led by our resident veterinarian, Dr. Michelle Gonsolin, our experienced veterinary team will provide your puppy with everything he or she needs to live a happy and healthy life going forward. Read on to learn more about our comprehensive puppy exams below, and call our Sunnyvale, CA veterinary clinic at (408) 241-4450 to schedule an appointment with our veterinarians today!

General Puppy Exams

The best way to make sure that puppies are getting everything they need in their early stages of life is to have them examined by a veterinary professional. Here at Arroyo Animal Clinic, we provide comprehensive wellness exams specially-tailored for puppies of all breeds. During our exam, we will be able to identify and diagnose any medical problems your puppy may be experiencing and put him or her on a treatment plan right then and there. We will also provide a general lifestyle and dietary suggestions to ensure that your four-legged is as happy and healthy possible going forward. We also provide spaying and neutering services right here in our office.

Puppy Parvo Exams

If your puppy is experiencing symptoms such as diarrhea and fatigue, he or she is likely suffering from a condition known as canine parvovirus (parvo). Parvo is a highly contagious viral disease that first appeared in the 1970s and affects millions of dogs worldwide each year. Puppies are the most susceptible, and often have their symptoms worsened by other preexisting conditions, including roundworms, other intestinal parasites, protozoa, bacteria, and viruses.

If you believe your puppy may be suffering from canine parvovirus, it is important to schedule an appointment with a veterinary professional as quickly as possible. Scheduling a visit with a trained veterinary team like ours at Arroyo Animal Clinic will help greatly increase your puppy’s chances at a full and speedy recovery. Since there is no cure for parvo, we provide comprehensive supportive care through antibiotic administration, aggressive fluid management, and broad-spectrum deworming to fight off preexisting worms of other infections that may exacerbate parvo symptoms.

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At Arroyo Animal Clinic, we care about our puppies. We combine our year’s veterinary experience with the industry’s leading medications and procedures to provide puppies with the best medical care possible. From fast and accurate diagnostic exams to comprehensive treatments and lifestyle planning, our veterinary team takes every step to ensure that the puppies we see grow up to live long and healthy lives.

To learn more, and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Michelle Gonsolin, contact our Sunnyvale, CA veterinary clinic at (408) 241-4450 today!


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