Veterinary Treatment for Pet Allergies in Sunnyvale, CA

Though frequently identified as allergens themselves, our pets are also susceptible to a number of environmental and food-related allergies. For pets living in Northern California, the most prevalent allergen is by far the foxtail plant, though many other areas present in the area as well. If you believe your pet may be suffering from allergies caused by food or environmental factors, we encourage scheduling an appointment with our veterinary experts here at Arroyo Animal Clinic. Using the industry’s latest medical products and procedures, our experienced veterinary team provides comprehensive treatments and preventative services for pets suffering from allergies in Sunnyvale, CA and the surrounding region. Read on to learn more about pet allergies and contact our veterinary clinic at (402) 241-4450 to schedule an appointment with your pet today!

About Foxtail and Other Outdoor Pet Allergens

There are many plants and animals that can cause allergic reactions in our pets, but none is more common in Northern California than foxtail plants. Foxtails are a general set of grass-like plant species characterized by poky seed clusters (“foxtails”) that grow at their ends. The “foxtails” can pose a number of health-related problems for outdoor cats and dogs by burrowing into their fur and skin or falling into open ears, eyes, and mouths. At the skin level, foxtails can cause unwelcome irritation and redness, which lead to itching and further skin damage. When ingested, foxtail seeds cannot be properly be digested by your pet’s body and get stuck, causing serious, life-threatening infections.

In addition to foxtail plants, other pet allergens native to Northern California include seasonal pollens, fleas, and mold spores, each of which can be treated and prevented through proper medical care from our veterinary professionals.

Our Pet Allergy Treatments

At Arroyo Animal Clinic, we proudly provide a comprehensive selection of treatments for allergies in both cats and dogs. Our treatments include prescription and over-the-counter medications in the form of pills, injections (steroids and allergy shots), and ointments for pet skin allergies. We also offer a wide range of medicated shampoos and conditioners to ease allergy symptoms, as well antihistamines for common outdoor allergies. For pet skin itching symptoms, we utilize an antibody injection called Cytopoint that is tailored only for the dog to control itching. It is not a drug so it is metabolized as a protein- through protein degradation. It is an antibody that is administered subcutaneously (under the skin) once every 4-8 weeks.

When you visit us, our veterinary professionals will also provide you with a selection of at-home care guidelines and remedies you can use to help your pets with their allergies.

Visit Our Pet Allergy Specialists Today!

If your pet is suffering from allergies caused by foxtail plants or other allergens, our veterinary professionals here at Arroyo Animal Clinic can help. Our resident veterinarians, Dr. Michelle Gonsolin and Dr. Megan Nakagawa, have years of experience treating pets young and old for a variety allergic reactions. Using the industry’s latest medications and procedures, our vets can provide comprehensive treatment and preventive care plans for your pets to help them live happy and allergy-free year-round.

To learn more about our pet allergy treatments, and to schedule an appointment for your pet, contact our Sunnyvale, CA team at (402) 241-4450 today!


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