Treatment for Pet GI Problems in Sunnyvale, CA

Addressing Pet Gastrointestinal Problems

We’ve all dealt with an upset stomach now and again. While you may know how to take care of your gastrointestinal discomfort, do you know how to help your pet with similar problems? Arroyo Animal Clinic has you and your pet covered. We’re dedicated to providing premier care for pets suffering from a range of conditions, including gastrointestinal problems. Our team has exceptional training and years of experience to ensure your pet is happy and healthy again. We proudly serve Sunnyvale, CA, and the surrounding communities.

GI Problems We Diagnose

At Arroyo Animal Clinic, our veterinarians can diagnose a variety of pet gastrointestinal problems. GI problems can occur in both dogs and cats, so make sure to be aware of them. We’ve been working with animals since 1988, and in that time, we’ve learned the best methods of diagnosis and treatment for such conditions. Our staff can properly diagnose and treat colitis, constipation, diarrhea, gastroenteritis, pancreatitis, and more.

Causes of Gastrointestinal Problems

Gastrointestinal problems can result from a range of causes. Some are preventable, while you may not be able to avoid others. Certain medications and ingesting foreign objects are common causes of GI problems, as are trauma, poor diet, and allergies. Be sure to watch for abrupt changes in diet and signs of infectious diseases. Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites can all cause gastrointestinal distress in your pet.

Signs of Gastrointestinal Problems and Disorders

Gastrointestinal problems and disorders are no doubt uncomfortable for your pet. Fortunately, you can look for several signs of GI problems, catch them early, and minimize your pet’s distress. While some may take some time to notice, others will quickly be apparent when there’s an issue. Be on the lookout for these symptoms:

  • Loss of or changes in appetite
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Difficulty passing stools and constipation
  • Blood in stools
  • Excess gas
  • Weight loss
  • Weakness

Follow Our Tips to Avoid GI Trouble

Every pet owner wants to make sure their furry friend stays safe and healthy. But how do you avoid GI problems when you can’t always control what they decide to eat? Here are Arroyo Animal Clinic’s tips for keeping your pet free of gastrointestinal problems:

  • Portion Control: Overfeeding your pet not only causes them to gain weight, but it can also result in digestive problems. Keep to a regular feeding schedule as much as you can.
  • Monitor Stress: Animals get stressed, just like humans. Changes in diet or routine can put undue stress on your pet and cause GI problems. If change is unavoidable, do your best to keep your pet’s routine consistent. You could also try pheromone diffusers, probiotics, and other resources to minimize your pet’s stress.
  • Say No to “People Food”: Pets, especially dogs, love to beg for table food. Unfortunately, what is meant as a small treat can cause lots of gastrointestinal distress later. Rewarding your furry friend with dog or cat treats instead of table food is much better for their stomach in the long run.
  • Stay Vigilant: Make sure to look for symptoms of underlying diseases and conditions. Uncomfortable digestive problems are often the result of a bacterial infection, virus, or parasite. Your veterinarian will be able to diagnose your pet’s condition.

Our Treatments for Gastrointestinal Problems

As soon as you notice signs of gastrointestinal problems, make an appointment with Arroyo Animal Clinic. Your local veterinarian is always the best person to administer treatment for your pet, although it’s tempting to diagnose them yourself with information found online. Depending on your pet’s condition, we may prescribe different treatments. Some pets need additional fluids to avoid dehydration, while others may benefit from fasting for a day. In most cases, a healthy diet is the best treatment for GI problems. Your veterinarian will likely recommend a diet high in fiber with moderate fat levels to restore your pet’s intestinal health.

Talk to Our Team for More Information

If you suspect your pet is suffering from GI problems, don’t wait to speak with the veterinarians at Arroyo Animal Clinic. We have years of experience treating these conditions, and we’ll find an appropriate treatment for your pet. Since 1988, we’ve gladly provided top-quality care for gastrointestinal issues, respiratory problems, and much more. Whether your pet has been diagnosed with colitis or you’ve noticed any of the above symptoms, reach out to our Sunnyvale, CA clinic. Contact our friendly staff today.

You may schedule an appointment or learn more about our services by calling (408) 241-4450.


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