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Since 1988, Arroyo Animal Clinic has offered compassionate veterinary services for your Sunnyvale-area pets. Just as it’s essential to your health to visit your doctor for the occasional checkup, it’s equally important to remember to bring your pet in for annual wellness exams. Routine vet visits ensure everything’s all right and that your pet is on the road to living a happy, healthy life. During your pet’s annual wellness exam, we’ll inspect their coat, mouth, paws, skin, and even their tail to give them an excellent overall bill of health.

Vaccinations may be necessary to protect your pet from exposure to certain fatal diseases, while diagnostic testing and x-rays may be required if we suspect there’s a problem with your pet’s health. The earlier we can diagnose an issue, the more effective treatment may be at correcting it or slowing down its progression. If your pet is older, we may spend more time checking their joints and bones for signs of arthritis or other conditions that typically only affect senior pets. If you have a puppy or kitten at home, we provide outstanding pediatric pet care to ensure they’re off to a great start in life.

Our Veterinary Clinic Is Dedicated to Your Pet’s Comfort

All procedures performed at Arroyo Animal Clinic are always designed with your pet’s comfort and well-being in mind. If your pet needs a vaccination or surgery, we strive to keep the amount of pain an animal feels while undergoing treatment to a minimum. Every injection is given with a brand-new needle, and we also use rubber stoppers to help dull the pain. From your pet’s first vaccinations to routine dental care, x-rays, and allergy treatments, our veterinary clinic in Sunnyvale, CA provides comprehensive care. Our veterinary services include all of the following for cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, rats, and other furry pocket pets:


Vaccinations are essential to keep your pets happy and healthy. Regardless of your pet’s age, annual vaccinations help keep certain conditions at bay, including several that are fatal. Dogs require rabies and distemper parvo vaccinations, while cats require FVRCP, FELV, and rabies vaccinations. Knowing how often they need these vaccinations is part of our routine veterinary care at Arroyo Animal Clinic. We also provide certificates of health and consultations regarding pet boarding and international travel.


Our state-of-the-art veterinary clinic in Sunnyvale, CA offers digital radiology to ensure the most accurate diagnostics for your pets. We have a board-certified radiologist on hand to provide ultrasound exams to diagnose various internal issues. Being able to zoom in and out on digital images allows us to view your pets in a whole new way. Having access to digital x-rays also means we can provide you with a copy of your pet’s x-rays in case you need to take them to a specialist.

Dental Services

Identifying dental issues early is critical, as dental disease can cause severe damage to your pet’s heart, kidneys, lungs, or liver over time. You should start brushing your pet’s teeth when they are young and bring them to Arroyo Animal Clinic for regular dental exams and cleanings. We’ll evaluate your pet’s mouth for cavities, swollen gums, receding gum lines, loose teeth, and other signs that something’s wrong with their oral health.


From spaying and neutering procedures to abdominal and orthopedic surgeries, your pet’s always in capable hands at our emergency pet hospital. While nothing is guaranteed, our staff will provide you with follow-up instructions to help your pet recover with minimal risk of complications. We also provide x-rays, ultrasounds, and medications as necessary before and after your pet’s surgery.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment option we provide at our veterinary clinic to treat many sprains, fractures, infections, and degenerative joint diseases, such as arthritis and tendonitis. If your pet suffers from a chronic health condition, multiple treatments may be necessary to alleviate their symptoms of pain and inflammation. For more information on the latest veterinary breakthroughs involving laser therapy, be sure to contact our clinic!

GI Issues

It can be scary for pet owners when their pets have gastrointestinal issues causing them to vomit, have diarrhea, or constipation. From colitis to pancreatitis and gastroenteritis, we treat cats and dogs with gastrointestinal problems so you can both get the relief you need.

Pet Allergies

Many pet owners are surprised to discover that their pets are susceptible to several environmental and food-related allergies. Pets living in Northern California often have reactions to the foxtail plant, which is prevalent in the area, as well as other seasonal pollens, fleas, and mold spores. If your pet suffers from allergies, our veterinary clinic offers prescription and over-the-counter medications, injections, and ointments to help alleviate their symptoms.

Skin Problems

Have you noticed your pet licking, scratching, or biting their skin a lot lately? They could be suffering from a skin infection or food allergy, or they could have fleas, ringworm, or another type of parasite present. Whatever the skin problem, we provide biopsies and other diagnostic testing to discover the root of the issue and effectively treat it.

Internal Medicine

From cardiac and liver diseases to respiratory and urinary tract diseases, our veterinarians provide examinations, diagnostic testing, and therapies to treat many internal medical issues.

Pediatric Pet Care

It’s never too early to bring your pet to our Sunnyvale veterinary clinic for a checkup! Our specialized pediatric pet care for puppies and kittens includes vaccinations, spaying and neutering procedures, annual wellness exams, microchipping, and dietary recommendations to ensure they’re eating a healthy, well-balanced diet while they’re growing. Socialization is another benefit of bringing your puppy or kitten to see a vet. The first 12 weeks of your puppy or kitten’s life are the most impressionable. We can help you learn how to handle them, as well as establish healthy habits during their formative years.

Pet Boarding

If you’re afraid to leave your pet alone or with an inexperienced pet sitter while you’re out of town, fear not. Arroyo Animal Clinic offers pet boarding for our existing clients. All we ask is that you ensure your pet is up-to-date with their vaccinations and that they’ve had a physical exam at our clinic within the past year. You’re more than welcome to bring your pet’s favorite foods, treats, and toys, so they feel more at home here, although we’re also happy to provide the essentials during their stay.

E-Pet Health

At Arroyo Animal Clinic, we always strive to educate pet owners, so they make well-informed decisions about their pets’ care. Check out our library of informative e-pet health topics.

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Do you have any questions or concerns about our veterinary services or billing? Payment is always due when services are performed at our Sunnyvale veterinary clinic. However, we do accept various methods of payment, including cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover, for your convenience. If you need more information or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact Arroyo Animal Clinic today at (408) 241-4450. We treat pets from all over Northern California, including San Jose, Santa Clara, Mountain View, and Los Altos.


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