We want to thank our great clients and the opportunity to treat their animal family members!

“Dr. Paul Umeda is amazing! In fact, we are heading in to see him today. He has been our long time family vet. He is great with animals and will spend time visiting with your animal trying to make them comfortable before examining and will always take time to fully explain to you what is happening. They fit you in whenever there is an emergency too. I would and do recommend him to all my friends and my Mother-in-law has also started seeing him for her pets and loves him too. He is also very understanding when I have my two young sons with me, and they will always give me the room with the toys in it to help me keep the kiddos occupied! The staff there is great and always help me out to the car when I need it.

The other doctors there have always been great too!”

-Amber C.

Last night, my diabetic cat stopped eating again. Perfect timing, cat. Happy birthday to me!

Anyway, the last time he stopped eating, he wound up having a serious condition called diabetic ketoacidosis, which can be fatal. This time, I could see things weren’t quite as serious but I wanted to get him checked out. I brought him back to Arroyo to see Dr. Michelle. She was very gentle with him and listened as I described his symptoms. She worked with me to develop a treatment plan I could afford, and advised me to keep in touch via email with any developments.

So far I’ve emailed once (after 8 pm) and already received a reply with advice on caring for him and a request for an update in the morning. Affordable pet care with kind, caring doctors who help however (and whenever) they can? I’m sold.

Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery for my kitty!”
-Angie C.

“Ellie has been going here since she was a baby and she absolutely loves it! She gets really excited whenever we come and loves seeing the vets and staff. Everyone has been very friendly and patient with Ellie since our first visit. She’s a ball of energy, so that says a lot! I will definitely continue bringing Ellie here for all her checkups and other vet needs.”

“Dr. Paul and his staff are wonderful. They are very caring to all animals. Dr. Paul spent a lot of time explaining to me how to care of my new guinea pig, and was very reasonable priced. When my older cat was dying, he explained all my options, including the time and cost of each option. He prefers to explore the least invasive and least expensive options first.”
-Maria B.

“Our Veterinarian Dr. Paul Umeda of B. Arroyo Animal Clinic is good her officce is located just north of the Fish Market restaurant, off El Camino Real. Their area for boarding dogs is not very big, but they can easily accommodate small dogs.”
-Adiba M.

“The best Veterinarian my pets have been to. On time, knowledgeable and very good with my kitties. They are always conservative with treatment and explain all options to me. My cats are healthy and they have no stress at this office.”

“I was able to make an appointment for my new cat the day before and my cat was seen by a nurse and then a vet for a general checkup and there were 2 other people that came in to clean his ears and apply a topical treatment. All of the staff were extremely friendly and compassionate towards my cat.

And, the cost was $120 taxes included! There’s a $65 fee for the visit which includes a consultation and full evaluation. Then, the topical treatment was $30 and the ear cleaning was $15. How affordable!”
-Kathy S.

“Absolutely fantastic. My cat was not feeling well at all, so I called them up- very late, very last minute, and without ever having been a patient before. They stayed open late to take in my cat, who ended up having a very very high fever and other issues, and were upfront about the pricing the whole time. My own doctor doesn’t explain the tests or their meaning as well as they did here.

They weren’t just super friendly, they were amazingly competent. I’d be happy to deal with a complete jerk if he was the best person to treat my pets, but it’s refreshing having a better option.”
-Robert H.

“If you love your pet and you are looking for a trustworthy vet who will not try to convince you to get any unnecessary tests done then THIS IS YOUR PLACE!

My shiba is 7 years old and trust me I have been through many vets and I would do anything for my dog if necessary and rather save money on other things than on my dog. But if I get the feeling a vet is trying to do things on my dog by using scare tactics I am out (see my review on Calaveras Veterinary).

Today my dog got a teeth cleaning. Dr. Paul called me before the procedure and right after the procedure to let me know how she did. WOW what a great customer service!!!! He explained to me everything in detail and in a way anybody can understand. He used analogies that made it very easy to understand the whole procedure.

And trust me they didn’t even recommend a teeth cleaning as out of their perspective she is okay but I just wanted it to get it done before he teeth might start chipping.

We are moving to East Bay soon but I am willing to drive the distance and keep our vet. That’s for sure!!!!”
-Eri H.

“Dr. Paul is simply the best. My wife worked in vet clinics for 10+ years and we feel know what to look for in a vet and in a clinic. We’ve been taking our cats to his clicnic for many years now. Not only does Paul give thorough examinations but he gives sensible advice and does not over treat our animals when something is wrong. During this time we have lost 3 of our beloved pets. Dr. Paul has exhibited the kind of compasion we have experienced from few vets in our past. We always recommend Dr Paul without reservation or hesitation.”
-Curt S.

“I am extremely pleased with Arroyo Animal Clinic and its staff. My cats absolutely hate going to the vet (as most cats do), but they seemed more at ease here than they’ve been at other vets. Dr. Paul and the vet techs did a great job of handling the cats during the exam. They were also very thorough. One of my little furbabies tends to be extremely squirmy especially regarding his teeth but Dr. Paul was able to show me exactly what was going on. He was extremely patient and took the time to answer all of our questions.

They also send a report card with details on what he found and what we discussed.”
-Pamela L.

“Dr. Paul is really wonderful.

After the death of our last cat, we adopted two kittens and didn’t know who to use as a vet (bad luck to go to the last vet who didn’t catch our cat’s heart problem).

I was impressed by how many people recommended Dr. Paul (and what good reviews he got on yelp), so we tried him out. Wow! He has a great way of explaining things to you in plain English, he’s great with the cats/very patient, and he spends a lot of time with you.

I had the opposite experience of the reviewer who said they couldn’t fit them in. When our guy had to go to the emergency vet (it was 6am) and then suggested we see our regular vet afterward, he made lots of time for us on a moment’s notice. And he was very calming and helped us not to worry (Everything was OK!).”
-Sue A.

“Was able to snag a last minute appointment (which I didn’t think would be possible with all these great reviews) and took my Aussie Cattle Dog in to get her annual exam/vaccinations.

Everyone from the receptionist, vet, and vet techs were super patient, calm, and helpful and you could just tell they really love animals. My dog was completely at ease which I’ve never ever seen before when taking her to the vet!!

Dr. Nakagawa was super informative and thorough. The icing on the cake was that the prices were super reasonable (especially for everything being as great as it was). A years supply of her heartworm medicine was even cheaper than the cheapest I’ve found it for online.”
-Tammy N.

“i love love LOVE Dr.G!

Don’t let the small building fool you this place is awesome! The prices are VERY reasonable and they also give discounts to new clients as well as if you refer someone else to the clinic you get a discount on your next visit.

The techs did a good job just getting the basics on my dog. She wasn’t exactly the easiest to handle for a rectal temp, but apparently they do also have the ear thermometer which had just happened to be out of commission.

Dr.G was great, looking over my dog nose to tail she was very thorough. My dog was only there for an annual exam so nothing too big since she’s still young (5yrs) and had no health issues prior.

The print outs with the invoice and “report cards” were great. It was nice to see item by item how things looked on my dog, nose, ears, teeth, etc. I also like that they take a photo of your pet which is on your invoices and report cards.

Working at a clinic in Mountain View it was nice to see the difference in another clinic. Not only in prices but also the mannerisms of the employees. Everyone was very helpful and cheerful throughout the whole duration of my time spent there. The prices were also much much better. Comparing just one vaccine at my own clinic I was paying about half the price. Not too shabby in my book.

Very happy and fun visit for both me AND my dog.”
-Karen N.

“Dr. Umeda is fantastic! He treated my rats well, knew so much about them, and took great care of them during a surgery. He did such a fantastic job, there were no infections, and no problems afterwards (something I’ve dealt with from other vets).

The price was reasonably too-most vets jack up costs for “exotics.”
I can’t say enough good thigns about the clinic in general, and Dr. Umeda especially.

I just wish I lived close enough to use him as a regular vet!”
-Nea B.

“I had said goodbye to my parents Dachshund because she was miserable after her back went out and the rest / steroids didn’t work… My mom heard about this place and wanted to give it one last shot. Long story short, our dog is still with us, walking, running, pain med free and so happy. I don’t know which doctor this was here, but he worked a miracle.”
Magdalena O.

“Dr. Paul Umeda is fantastic. Not only is he a skilled veterinarian, he has very good examination table manners! He is very gentle with my kitten and makes sure that we get the full and complete explanation of things we bring her in for. There are a lot of skilled veterinarians, but it’s hard to find one with very good manners and good common sense. And the price is reasonable.

The staff members are great too, especially Michelle. She is always very friendly and goes out of her way to help you get a spot in this very popular and busy office.”
-Ochan O.

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