Visit an Experienced Veterinarian in Sunnyvale

Arroyo Animal Clinic is the place to schedule time with an experienced veterinarian in Sunnyvale, CA. If you are looking for an animal clinic that truly cares about pets, you’ve found one! Every member of our team loves working with animals and we treat them as we would our own. From the time you set foot in our lobby to the time you and your pet leave our office, you’ll see that customer service is our first priority. We love what we do here, and it shows.

Our animal hospital provides quality care for your pet, and part of that is making sure we have the time to spend with you both. Our appointments are booked with enough room to talk with you about your pet’s health and care and answer any questions you have about treatments, food, exercise, and more. We want to partner with you to make sure your pet has everything needed to be a healthy, active member of your household. As a veterinary clinic, this is something we take very seriously.

Pet vaccinations, pet boarding, and more

We see animals for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from veterinary X-rays to GI problems. Some appointments are more involved than others, so the time frame often varies. For example, if you come in for pet vaccinations, you may be in and out in just a very short time, while if you have an appointment to explore allergies, it could take a while.

Our pet boarding service allows owners to come in and drop off quickly once all the necessary paperwork is on file. If you plan to board your pet with us at the office in Sunnyvale, please inquire about what you need in terms of vaccination records and general health information. It will help us get you set up in our system more quickly.

Veterinary surgical procedures

The team at Arroyo Animal Clinic handles various surgical procedures for animals that are in our care. Veterinary surgery is a specialty, and we do everything from pet dental visits to more in-depth surgical care. Prior to any surgery, there is a short list of items we’ll need to cover with you that relate to the specific type of procedure your pet will be having. Feel free to ask us any questions at any time before or after the visit. We want all of our families to make sure they understand what we are doing and why especially when it comes to surgery. Your pet is in good hands with our dedicated team!

If your pet is in need of a surgical procedure, there may be some instructions for aftercare you’ll need to follow for proper healing. The doctor will go over any details with you when you arrive to pick them up. We will call you to let you know how everything went, as well as to let you know when they’re ready to go. The effects of anesthesia can vary a bit from one animal to another, so your pet may still be a bit groggy when you arrive. If needed, we’ll even give you a hand getting them into the car to go home.

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