Heartworm disease in the dog in the South Bay Area is a concern. Mosquitoes spread the disease. It is not serious on the valley floor, but it is a serious problem in the Santa Cruz mountains and Mendicino county areas. Since people travel with their dogs to these areas, the disease can be brought to your neighborhood. Then the mosquitoes carry it to your dog, whether it is inside or not.

Heartworm disease causes damage to the dog’s heart and lungs. If left unchecked, it can kill the dog. The first signs include shortness of breath, coughing, and exercise intolerance. Heart failure can also result. The disease can be treated but there can be considerable risk involved during the treatment. This is definitely a case where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Arroyo Animal Clinic recommends that all dogs take monthly preventative year round.

Prevention takes the form of an initial blood test for the heartworm after 6 months of age. This is combined with a preventative monthly medication. Puppies under the age of 6 months do not need a blood test before starting preventative. The medication, Interceptor, comes in a pill given monthly. The pills are flavored and chewable. Interceptor can be given to dogs or cats. It also comes in a combination pill that combines Interceptor and Program, a flea control medication, called Sentinel. This is a dog-only pill. Revolution is a topical heartworm preventative that also kills fleas, some mites and some intestinal parasites that can be used on both dogs and cats. Because the heartworm preventative is a prescription drug, the pet must be examined yearly and tested periodically before the medication can be refilled.

Some people will elect to just test yearly and not put the dog on preventative medication. We recommend that preventative medication is given monthly, year round.

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